The Alabama Coroner’s Association is proud to partner with organizations across the state, including:

Members of the Alabama Coroner’s Association are essential partners in restoring eyesight. Advancing Sight Network is proud to work alongside you to provide eye tissue for sight saving surgeries and medical researchers who are discovering cures for blinding eye diseases. Thank you for being our partners in eye donation, bringing restored sight to our local and global communities.

Our Mission: Advancing Sight Network enhances lives by restoring eyesight in our local and global communities through a network of partnerships.

Core Values: Integrity – Serve – Lead – Excel – Innovate

The Alabama Violent Death Reporting System (AVDRS) is a statewide surveillance program established under a CDC grant in 2016.  AVDRS is a part of the National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS) and utilizes Vital Statistics, Law Enforcement, and Coroner/Medical Examiner reports to record, analyze, and link homicides, suicides, and certain types of undetermined deaths in Alabama across all age groups.  The primary goal of AVDRS is to assist with developing and improving violence prevention programs in the state by providing data on trends and characteristics of violent deaths.

Alabama Department of Public Health is the lead agency for Emergency Support Function #8 (ESF#8) within Alabama for emergency planning, preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery regarding health and medical issues for the residents of Alabama. The emergency operations mission of ADPH is to improve the health and well-being of all residents of Alabama by reducing the vulnerability to natural, technological, and manmade threats, minimizing loss of life and damage to property, as well as assisting in the recovery from disaster.

Legacy of Hope is Alabama’s federally designated, non-profit organ procurement organization that coordinates organ and tissue donation for transplant and research.  Founded in 1979, Legacy of Hope is a mission-driven organization that builds broad-reaching alliances to educate people about the importance of organ and tissue donation, and inspire them to become donors. Visit for more information or to register to be a donor.

Mission: We will end the wait and suffering by shepherding the gift of life to those in need of organ and tissue transplants.

Core values: compassion, hope, dedication, integrity, collaboration

The ACA exists to secure a closer official and personal relationship among Coroners within the State of Alabama.