Membership Dues are due NOW. Please see below to download the Membership Form.


Active Membership is open to all duly elected or appointed County Coroners, Deputy County Coroners, Medical Examiners, and the Director of the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences, or his designee(s.) Each active member is entitled to one vote at any meeting, provided he or she is in good standing and current in dues to the Association. The annual fee for Active Membership is determined by the county’s population:

  • Population <50K - $200 Annual Membership includes Coroner and 1 Deputy Coroner.
  • Population 50-200K – $400 Annual Membership includes Coroner and 2 Deputy Coroner.
  • Population >200K – $600 Annual Membership includes Coroner and 3 Deputy Coroner.
  • $100 Annually for each additional Deputy Coroner.

Associate Membership is open to any individual who regularly acts as an industry supporter or vendor. Associate members are accorded all rights and privileges of the Association, except for the right to vote and hold office within the Association. The annual fee for Associate Membership is $25.

Lifetime Membership is open to past Coroners who have served in the capacity of County Coroner for a total of no less that twenty (20) years. Eligibility for an election to Lifetime Membership is determined by the active members of the Association and the qualifications for which consist of the required years of service and/or notable service. A Lifetime Member may attend and speak at all general business meetings of the Association and serve in a non-voting advisory role on committees. There is no annual fee for Lifetime Membership.

Initial Membership Dues are payable on or within six months of being elected or appointed to the office of Coroner or Deputy Coroner. Thereafter, dues are billed on October 1 and are payable within six months. Failure to pay dues before expiration of six months shall automatically terminate membership.

Philip Box, Executive Director

Association Address
1268 Highland Drive
Elba, AL 36323

The ACA exists to secure unity of action in matters relating to Coroners’ duties in the State of Alabama.